Let it be a life tie, not a blood tie

Our project is an inclusion and awareness project based on the principle of establishing meaningful friendships with their peers by individuals with special needs in society.

In Symbiosis Activity, we make friends with the peers of individuals with special needs. their integration into social life, their participation in business life by employment and to discover their potential together with individuals with “normal” development. We support them to sprout. With the programs within the scope of our project, individuals in the community with their peers to establish meaningful friendships, to achieve successful jobs, to live independently, public speaking, self-defense, communication skills. Our goal is to help them develop and feel valued by the community. Our project includes mental and developmental disabilities such as Down Syndrome, Autism, Mental Retardation Includes groups. It is a project based on volunteering and believes in the power of volunteers. Expectations within the scope of brotherhood: This program is designed for individuals with and without mental and developmental disabilities. Contributes to the establishment of one-on-one friendships, social awareness life for a population isolated and excluded from society at the same time. contributes to improving the quality and the level of participation in life. Mental and developmental. By participating in dating programs, people with disabilities can make sense with their peers, build bonds and gain self-confidence and self-esteem, time spent together to share their experiences through.
Stage 1 Application – In April
Stage 2 School Presentation – In April
Stage 3 Volunteer Application – In April
Stage 4 Workshop – In May
Stage 5 Seminars – In May
a. Awareness and Healthy Communication, Confronting Our Own Emotions Seminar for the Correct Approach to the Subject of Disability
b.Leadership Seminar in Friendship Groups Stage 6 Matchmaking Buddies – In May Stage 7 Matchmaking Ceremony – In June
Stage 8 One-on-One Meetings – In June
Stage 9 Collective Meetings – In June and July
Stage 10 Participation Certificate Ceremony – In August
SDG4, SDG10, and SDG17 are direct targets that our project will contribute.
Within the scope of our project, the impact we create is awareness and social cohesion. In the city of Bursa10 individuals with special needs were reached and 10 individuals without special needs were reached. The desired changes are that individuals with special needs learn daily life skills from their peers. It is to imitate being like them and ensure their participation in social life. It is to develop a sense of awareness and empathy in normally developing individuals. To develop their off-campus teaching and leadership skills. Critical success factors are continuity of participation, well-intentioned and conscious approach. Measuring the impact is the monthly presentations made by peer couples, the acquisition of the desired changes, and the feedback from families. Differences are measured according to the inception workshop with the questionnaire to be made at the end of the program. Pandemic conditions are an obstacle, therefore, the project calendar was taken to summer months and open-air meetings were scheduled. Prejudice and anxiety are other obstacles. It was aimed to raise awareness with workshops and seminars. Since there are individuals with special needs in every city, students in all universities will be able to experience teaching and learning through such a program.