Available Office

  • It will be enough to take only the items you deem necessary to the serviced offices in our center!

Virtual Office

  • The virtual office is a preferred service that it shares as a freelance, the ability to work from anywhere without having a physical workspace. You can show the scope Simbiyoz Activity as the address. Thanks to our voice secretary, you can open your phone with the name of your company and we will transfer the size you must be suitable..

Co-Working Space

  • Co-working; it is an environment of creativity, solidarity, productive work and social. You can rent chairs and carry out your work in work areas.

Meeting room

  • We offer a spacious hall service with a capacity of 8-12 people where you can hold your meetings. If desired, you can also benefit from our additional services such as Coffe-Break..

Simbiyoz Aktivite

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