Simbiyoz Activity which is started to work with the slogan of “we are sprouting together” is founded by four women entrepreneurs and it is also an social social enterprise.  Symbiosis Activity is an activity center established to guide social entrepreneurs at every stage with pre-program and incubation programs by introducing social entrepreneurship to individuals with entrepreneurial potential, offering opportunities to turn their ideas into business.



Along with social entrepreneurship, our important aim is; To ensure that individuals with special needs participate in employment, merge with social entrepreneurs and become active citizens.


In our activity center in Bursa, Nilüfer, social entrepreneurs will be able to meet their office and workspace needs. We have created both co-working space for those who want to work together and ready office areas for those who want to work individually. In addition to these, we also provide virtual office rental and meeting room services.


Our cafe service, which has many alternatives from delicious snacks with special recipes, is also open to everyone. Our guests can also benefit from our Simbiyoz Library while sipping their tea and coffee in our cafe with a home-made menu.

As Symbiosis Activity, we support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. We prioritize these goals in all our activities. In line with our own vision and mission, we are specifically signatories of the goals numbered 4 (4.4-4.5-4.a) / 8 (8.3-8.5) / 9 (9.3-9.b) / 11 (11.7) / 17 (17.17).